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Review | Elvis: 'Loving You' DVD

When premiered in 1957, moviegoers could barely hear the dialogue due to the screaming and swooning of Elvis' frenzied fans. Now newly remastered for optimum sound and picture quality, 'Loving You' stars a young Elvis Presley in his second feature film. This semi-autobiographical tale - which boasts some of his most outstanding performances including Teddy Bear and Loving You - chronicles the King's meteoric rise to super-stardom. With his unique vocal style, smoldering sensuality, and easy-going sex appeal to burn, Elvis shows us why he will live forever! This is highly recommended DVD release.

Review : The Impossible Dream FTD CD

The Impossible Dream captures Elvis Presley at the start of his fourth Las Vegas season beginning on January 26th 1971 and marks the first time RCA/BMG/FTD have officially released live recordings from this year. Although three other soundboards have been unofficially released from the same engagement, thankfully FTD decided to issue the previously unreleased January 28th dinner show along with several bonus tracks.

Review : Big Boss Man FTD CD

Big Boss Man provides us with a complete concert (77 minutes of mostly unreleased material) plus eight bonus songs from Elvis' twelfth season in Las Vegas, 18th March - 1st April, 1975, a year that would have many highs and lows for the forty year old superstar. A valuable bonus inclusion is Elvis' only known recording of Bobby Darin's You're The Reason I'm Living - a true rarity, the song is charming and unrehearsed. The tracklisting provides a great overview of Elvis' return to live performances following a five-month absence. This CD is worth acquiring, as very few soundboards are available from this engagement. 'Big Boss Man' reveals a dedicated entertainer in strong voice doing what he loves best ... you will not be disappointed.

Review: Flashback FTD Book & CD

Do you have this fantastic book and CD?, the price increases substantially once current stock is sold. Flashback is a fantastic package, one of the very best, and illustrates Elvis' transition from the Hillbilly Cat to the King of Rock and Roll who dominated the charts before being drafted into the army.

Review - Loving You FTD CD

With FTD's version of the Loving You soundtrack, fans can now finally enjoy hearing all the masters and outtakes from these sessions in the one comprehensive package. Releasing of newly acquired tapes and sound improvements will satisfy many collectors and fans. The generous running times also provide value for money, and surpass all the previous compilations and reissues.

Review - Summer Festival FTD CD

Even though it is vaguely titled Summer Festival, FTD's latest release highlights soundboard material from Elvis' seventh Las Vegas season (August 4 - September 4).

Review : Burbank '68 CD

Burbank '68 is composed of 2 main parts: rehearsals recorded in Elvis' dressing room at NBC (June 25), and the majority of the 8 p.m stand up show (June 29). The first half starts off with a 5 minute 'intro', which are the 2 instrumentals of Danny Boy and 'Baby What You Want Me To Do' (aka Walkin' The Dog). Then Elvis launches into the songs that were all later done in the 2 sit down shows except for 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky'. (Burbank '68  is FTD release #1 and also is now deleted, we have 4 copies left).