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Martin Sheen talks about Elvis Presley

From the Loving You DVDMartin Sheen talks about how much Elvis meant to him, why Elvis was king. Sheen shows he is a well informed Elvis fan, and music/film lover. Martin is a big fan and tells of his love for Elvis and seeing 'Love Me Tender' about 20 times in the 50's. A great inclusion to an otherwise delightful DVD.
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Interview with Cynthia Pepper, Kissin' Cousins co-star

Interview with Cynthia Pepper, PFC Midge Riley in Kissin' Cousins, an Army stenographer assigned to accompany a lieutenant (Elvis) to the hills of East Tennessee to negotiate the sale of land to build a missile base. There, they encountered angry property owners, including the lieutenant's cousin, (Elvis)!
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'Elvis Work In Progress: Outtakes From The Sixties! - Volume 4' CD

Elvis One proudly presents, 'Elvis Work In Progress: Outtakes From The Sixties! - Volume 4' (The Bootleg Series - Elvis One), a great new album with outtakes from 1960 to 1966. An album with 22 alternate takes and 5 binaural masters, all previously unreleased by Elvis' official record company. All-in the best possible sound. This is a fly-on-the-wall experience… Of course, this album comes with a nice CD-booklet with photos and recording information.
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'Elvis Work In Progress: Outtakes From The Sixties! - Volume 3' CD

Elvis One proudly presents, 'Elvis Work In Progress: Outtakes From The Sixties! - Volume 3'. Volume 3 of Elvis Work In Progress (The Bootleg Series - Elvis One), a great new album with outtakes from 1960 to 1966. An album with 31 alternate takes and 3 unedited masters, all previously unreleased by Elvis' official record company. All-in the best possible sound. This is a fly-on-the-wall experience… Of course, this album comes with a nice CD-booklet with photos and recording information.
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Fire at 1034 Audubon Drive: 'extensive' damage

A Saturday morning fire caused 'extensive' damage to the former home of Elvis Presley on Audubon Drive, but ongoing renovations meant no Presley artifacts were in the house at the time of the blaze. Memphis Fire Lt. Wayne Cooke said the department responded to the home just after 7:30 a.m. The fire was under control by 7:52, he said. Fire personnel were on scene for several hours. The cause was electrical, Cooke said, and started in the wall between the living room and dining room. The one-story home was unoccupied and undergoing renovations.
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Interview with D.J. Fontana (April 2006) : 'I Tell You What, He Loved Gospel Music'

Eleven years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Elvis' first drummer D.J Fontana. I was working as a reporter at a radio station, when, one day in April, 2006, a press release caught my eye. It announced that Fontana was touring Sweden as part of a Swedish group called The Cadillac Band that would be playing my home town that very night. As my news editor didn't seem to understand the significance of this, I practically had to beg him to let me interview the drummer instead of doing the news piece he had in mind for me to do.
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Elvis: 'Spliced Takes Blue Moon' CD

The series continues, by popular demand finally a 'fifties' album, 'Spliced Takes Blue Moon' CD will be out soon! Again the STAR team has done all the edits on this album, and they did an even better job, with lots of excellent edits, and surprises. Unlike other 'import' labels, they truly were able to produce an album using many incomplete takes, to create beautiful new tracks. Their professional edits will blow you away, and will make you believe these are unreleased takes. Get ready to Shake, Rattle and Roll with this fantastic release, some highlights include:
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Released: Elvis In Person, One Night in Toronto April 2, 1957 Hardcover Book

The 'Elvis In Person, One Night in Toronto April 2, 1957' Hardcover Book has been released and our order is on the way to us. This is the third book of Erik Lorentzen in the 'Gold Standard Series' and tells the story of the two performances that Elvis did on April 2, 1957, sixty years ago, in Toronto, Canada. With over 350 previously unpublished photos taken from the original negatives and new stories in text, you'll be taken back to the fifties! Amazing and beautiful photos show Elvis before, during and after the performance on stage, backstage, etc. A great collector's item for fifties fan and a wonderful book for every Elvis fan! Available to pre-order at ElvisPresleyShop.com
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Elvis Presley: Past Masters CD

'Elvis Presley: Past Masters' is a collection of 22 songs from Elvis' catalogue that were not available on his original albums. The majority of Past Masters consists of A- and B-sides from Elvis' singles and Extended Play's (EP's), including versions of songs that appeared in a different form on his Long Play (LP) albums. Also included are the full contents of the Elvis Sails EP, masters without any overdubs and 'Kiss Me Quick' without backing vocals as released on the 1964 Spanish EP Viva Las Vegas. On this album you can also hear six songs that Elvis recorded at Sun Records in 1954 and 1955, including 'Mystery Train' from the original HMV 78rpm. This is a special edition from the Elvis One label.
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From Elvis In New York - 1956 CD

Elvis One proudly presents a special edition from The Bootleg Series, 'From Elvis In New York - 1956'. With all The Masters recorded in New York 1956, the promo recordings for RCA, the interviews, and 4 selections from his first tv appearances - for the first time together on one great new album. Including 'One-Sided Love Affair' with count-in, 'Hound Dog' in the best sound ever!, 'Lawdy, Miss Clawdy' with count-in and the edited undubbed master of 'Shake, Rattle And Roll'. And of course a booklet with photos and recording information! This is a limited edition of only 500 copies!
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Elvis Presley Re:Mixes CD

We have a few copies only available of this innovative and unique VinylDISC format: one side CD and one side Vinyl, playable also on a turntableElvis Presley Re:Mixes comes in a world's first exclusive cardboard packaging with two pockets facing outwards that recalls the old deluxe LPs: one pocket holds the VinylDISC in a beautiful paper sleeve with cut corners that lets the disc label be seen; the other pocket holds a 24 page booklet with rare photos of Elvis. A 'must have' for every true Elvis fan and for all music lovers that not only like good music but also like to 'touch' and 'feel' the music they own. Containing 14 fantastic tracks - rearranged and remixed with love and care, respecting Elvis' unique voice and the original feel of the originals.
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Interview with Scotty Moore

This is an interview with Scotty Moore by retired Boston Herald journalist Larry Katz that he has recently transcribed. This is a superb, honest chat he had with Scotty Moore back in May 2002, almost exactly 15 years ago. At one point, Scotty makes an interesting observation. 'The stuff from back in the '50s is what people want to hear', he says. 'They love watching the jumpsuits and everything, but the music in the '70s don’t seem to have the staying power that the other stuff did'.
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Review : Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley DVD

The Memphis Recording Service (MRS), the producers of this DVD, boldly state on the front cover that never before have we ever had live film footage (i.e., with synchronized sound) of an Elvis concert from the 50's ... until this time. Well, we certainly do now! Elvis performing 6 songs, including Heartbreak Hotel and Don’t Be Cruel, live in Tupelo Mississippi 1956. Included we see a live performance of the elusive Long Tall Sally seen here for the first time ever. This is an excellent release no fan should be without it.
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Chet Atkins talks about Elvis Presley

Could Elvis actually play guitar? He played pretty good, yeah. And he played piano and drums. The first sessions he'd come in and work. After that, when he got more confident, he'd come in and play drums a while, then guitar, then piano. Then he'd practice his karate and then send out for 85 White Cottage burgers and then he'd go to work around 11 o'clock at night. But he loved gospel music. Jake Hess had influenced him and Bill Monroe and Big Boy Crudup. The first time I ever heard him I thought, 'What in the hell is this?' I couldn't tell if he was black or bluegrass or gospel or what. Of course that was what made him what he was. He was so damn versatile he could sing anything.
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Elvis On Television 1956-1960: The Complete Sound Recordings 24 page Gatefold 2LP

Memphis Recording Service will release 'Elvis On Television 1956-1960: The Complete Sound Recordings' (2LP 180 Gram Vinyl 24 Page Gatefold), an exclusive Limited Edition 'Record Store Day' release for 2017. Any leftovers the week after April 22nd can only then, (under RSD rules) be available by your local Elvis dealer. This LIMITED EDITION 180 gram 2LP set contains for the first time ever, the complete archival sound recordings of all of Elvis Presley's television appearances from 1956 – 1960. All the 40 tracks herein are restored re-mastered using the most sophisticated technology. The bonus 24-page gatefold photo album contains many rare photographs with listings of Elvis' TV appearance dates.
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Elvis Presley was pulled over for speeding on April 3, 1955

Elvis Presley was pulled over April 3, 1955, for speeding on U.S. Highway 171 in Caddo Parish. 'I turned around and followed him for eight miles at speeds of 65 to 80 mph ...,' says a statement by the trooper who stopped Elvis. It's believed that Elvis he was on his way to play a concert at the Louisiana State Fair Grounds in Shreveport when authorities stopped his 1954 pink and white Cadillac. He reportedly was driving at 80 mph in a 60-mph zone. Elvis posted a $25 bond for traveling 20 miles over the speed limit. On April 5, his name was called three times at the Caddo Courthouse door but he failed to appear, leading to the forfeiture of the bond, records show. Click here to view all the legal documents about his arrest.
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Bruce Jackson: Six Years On The Road With Elvis

We are excited to announce a project that we know you've been wanting for years. The richly illustrated large-format book 'Bruce Jackson: Six Years On The Road With Elvis' delves deeply into sound-man Bruce Jackson's life traveling with the Elvis Presley Show. 'I mixed and ran the sound for Elvis for six years until his death on August 16, 1977. I was 22 when I started working for him. I did hundreds and hundreds of shows with Elvis across mainland United States and Hawaii, constantly on the road to the next city or town. In between, there were recording projects Elvis asked me to be a part of and stopovers for rehearsals at Graceland. Over those six years I got to know him on a candid personal level as a friend'. - Bruce Jackson.
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Keith Alverson book 'Strictly Elvis' out in August

Due for release in August is 'Strictly Elvis', a new hardcover book from Erik Lorentzen, ('The Elvis Files', 'Elvis In Toronto') this time in collaboration with photographer Keith Alverson. 'Strictly Elvis' will contain about 1400 photographs from the period 1973-1975 and will be published in August this year.
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Interview with Elvis Presley's Sound Engineer, Bill Porter by Michael Fremer

This is an interview I conducted with the great recording engineer Bill Porter back in 1987. We chatted and listened to some of his recordings. In one week of 1960, Bill Porter-engineered recordings accounted for 15 of Billboard's Top 100 Singles. You could chalk it up to his having folks like Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Chet Atkins and the Everly Brothers to record, but then you'd have to explain why, with Porter out of the picture, so many of their careers took a nose-dive. The fact is, the original pressings of many of those classic Porter recordings possess a natural, spacious, jump-out-at-you 'live' feel that today's engineers don't seem capable of achieving ... Steve Sholes, who produced the first Elvis session Bill was involved with, said, 'Roll the tape' And I said, 'But I haven't heard the song yet!' And he said, 'Roll the tape, Bill!' and I look and the studio is totally black out there. I can't see a thing. I said, 'You're kidding!' He said, 'No, roll the tape!'.
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Elvis Presley and the Police

If Elvis Presley had not grown up to be the King of Rock 'n' Roll, there's a chance he would have been a police officer, such was his deep respect for law enforcement. As a youngster, Presley wanted to grow up to be a policeman, according to press accounts in the 1970s. He collected badges. If he performed in a city, he’d want a badge from there. What he wanted was not merely an honorary badge, but a real one. And he obtained several, some with his name or initials inscribed on them. But Elvis had some fun too, in the 1970s, he was known to actually pull over speeding drivers and flash one of his various badges and lecture them. Then, give an autograph and speed away, leaving behind a stunned person with an awesome story. To achieve this Elvis actually had a flashing blue light that he would put on the roof when required. Elvis also obtained a police radio and a revolving blue light to put on top of the car roof. 
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Allan Weiss, Writer on 6 Elvis Presley Movies, Dies at 90

Screenwriter Allan Weiss, who was on hand to witness Elvis Presley's first Hollywood screen test and worked on six of Elvis' movies in the 1960s, has died. He was 90. Weiss died Thursday at a nursing facility in Mission Viejo, Calif., his nephew, Ken Maas, told The Hollywood Reporter. Weiss provided the story for Presley's Blue Hawaii (1961) and wrote or co-wrote the screenplays for the films Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962), Fun in Acapulco (1963), Roustabout (1964), Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966) and Easy Come, Easy Go (1967).
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'Pot Luck' for 'Record Store Day' release on golden vinyl

For 'Record Store Day' release 2017 and for the very first time in blue vinyl 'Pot Luck' in a strictly one pressing, limited & numbered edition of 1.000 copies on 180 Gram Golden Vinyl, featuring album art cover with alternate pictures and vintage back cover advertising.
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'Blue Hawaii' for 'Record Store Day' release on blue vinyl

For 'Record Store Day' release 2017 and for the very first time in blue vinyl 'Blue Hawaii' in a strictly one pressing, limited & numbered edition of 1.000 copies on 180 Gram Blue Vinyl, featuring album art cover with alternate pictures and vintage back cover advertising.
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Interview with Guitarist-arranger-songwriter Billy Strange

In this video interview with Billy Strange (From 2010, to celebrate his 80th birthday), Billy talks about his friendship with Elvis, writing songs for him with Mac Davis. Writing Memories, discussing the lyrics with Elvis in the process of writing the song, A Little Less Conversation and about that songs mega success in 2002. Working with Elvis on the song Viva Las Vegas, 'I was playing guitar on Viva Las Vegas ... he liked what I did'. On their friendship he talks about Elvis calling him up 'to his house' and them 'playing with the baby, Lisa Marie for hours. Billy also talks about working with Nancy Sinatra and her hit, These Boots Were Made for Walking and much more.
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'Elvis: His Songs Of Praise Vol. 2' Hardcover Book + CD

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release the second volume of 'Elvis: His Songs Of Praise', this book completes the story chronicling a further 51 sacred, spiritual and inspirational gospel songs to add to the 55 songs featured in 'His Songs Of Praise Volume 1'. Once again, the story of each song is told with extensively researched detail. Also observe the high quality and subtle differences on the front cover and many other photographs of Elvis featured throughout the 350 pages. In addition, the 32-track CD that runs for over 79 minutes features many rare and officially unreleased tracks.
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'Elvis Las Vegas '74' 2 CD Set from FTD

'Elvis Las Vegas '74' contains Two Legendary Shows From The Hilton Hotel On August 20, 1974. This release is another in the 5" 2-CD digipack range. Mastered by Jan Eliasson.
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Released: Platinum: A Life In Music 4 CD Set

Sony Music have re-released Platinum: A Life In Music. 'Platinum' chronicles the outstanding career of Elvis Presley (1954 to 1977) from a unique perspective. It features 100 performances, 77 of which are previously unreleased. This historic overview traces his development as an artist and emphasizes how Elvis' music always returned to its unshakable core values. This 4-CD box set contains a 48-page book and consists mostly of previously unreleased alternate takes of Elvis Presley's hits.
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Interview with Shirley Dieu

Shirley Dieu met Elvis Presley in 1975. After becoming friends, she would spend the next 3 years touring and vacationing with him. In this exclusive Interview with Sergio Luiz Shirley tells her amazing story and how she became the 'Memphis Mafia Princess'. 'I don’t think that Elvis took the vacation as a “much-needed break.” He had just gotten his plane The Lisa Marie’ and felt a certain freedom that he hadn’t really had before. So since he loved Hawaii, he said “Hey, I’'m taking everyone to Hawaii.” It was a last minute kind of thing ...'
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Released: 'Speedway' double vinyl LP from FTD Vinyl

The Follow That Dream (FTD) collector's label have released a double vinyl LP for the 'Speedway' soundtrack containing remixed Soundtrack Masters' and contains remixed stereo and mono masters.
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Review: Elvis Presley Sold Out!: FTD 2 CD 1974 Soundboards: Tulsa and Cleveland

Let's cut to March 1, 1974 -- wild crowd hysteria and the Elvis Presley touring colossus hits Tulsa, Oklahoma -- 2001 intro, then an high-octane 'See See Rider' kicks in -- it's infectious, cutting bluesy riff sounds fabulous and there's an awesome ripping James Burton solo ... fabulous all the way to the final Ronnie Tutt cymbal crash. It's almost 1972 again and, 'I Got A Woman' Elvis then comments: 'Good evening! It's a real pleasure to be here in this beautiful place'. However, chat is kept to a bare minimum because it's strictly down to business and the TCB band were never tighter than '74 after being honed on multiple live shows through the early 1970s. The Follow That Dream release, Sold Out! 2-CD On Tour 1974, includes an additional 1974 soundboard from June 21, Cleveland Ohio, and fantastic additional artwork and liner notes. The hysteria surrounding the March/June tour of '74 and the story of Elvis performing at the Mabee Special Events Center is captured perfectly by Robert Frieser's sourced text and the included press reviews ...
Elvis Reviews > Elvis CD Reviews > FTD > By David Tinson