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Jerry Reed and The Importance of Elvis Presleys Guitar Man Sessions

A look at Elvis' Guitar Man Sessions with Jerry Reed. Jerry Reed immediately took over the session, you can hear it from the first notes of the first take - Reed is coaching the musicians, encouraging them, egging them on, with Felton happy just to be presiding over some thing that is actually happening. There is a bright, shimmering surface to the music different in many respects from anything Elvis has ever recorded before but providing, at the same time, the kind of churning, driving rhythm that has characterized Elvis' music from the first. There is not the slightest question of Elvis' engagement. There is no self-deprecation, there is no wisecracking; all of the singer's attention is focused on the music. Completely updated.

In Stock : 'This Is Elvis' FTD Expanded Edition, Classic Album Format 2 CD

The FTD release of the extended soundtrack of the 'This Is Elvis' movie is now in stock, and looking cool still today 33 years after. With the unprecedented cooperation of those who best new Presley, the film combines rare, never-before-seen footage, privately owned kinescopes from TV's early years, remarkable outtakes from Presley's movies and accurate recreations of pivotal moments in his life.
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The Elvis Files Volume 7 (1974-77) due for release in August

The Elvis Files Volume 7 (1974-77) is due for release in August. This is the final volume of the Elvis Files story that chronicles Elvis' years on tour through the USA, the final Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe seasons through to Elvis' last powerful New Year's Eve concert and finally to the last sad few months of 1977.
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Released : 'Rock Around The Bloch' deluxe hardback book + CD from FTD

Follow That Dream (FTD) have released 'Rock Around The Bloch' (Book/CD) and our order is on the way to us. A deluxe hardback book with 288 pages and 100 unpublished photographs by David English and Pål Granlund, the book is published by FTD books the set includes a CD with a newly-remastered recording of Elvis' performance at the Bloch Arena, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25, 1961 and a newly-discovered recording of the complete press conference and awards ceremony held on March 25, 1961.
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Don Robertson dead at 92

Songwriter and pianist Don Robertson died last week at the age of 92. Elvis recorded 14 songs written by Robertson. Robertson's own song 'The Happy Whistler' was a million seller in 1956. His special way of playing the piano was very successful. Robertson worked as a singer and pianist for RCA Victor and Capitol Records,but also as a background keyboardist on recordings with Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, Duane Eddy, Al Martino and many others. The best-known songs Elvis recorded, written by Robertson, his 'There's Always Me', 'Anything That's Part Of You', 'I Met Her Today', 'I'm Counting on You' and 'No More'.
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Review : Elvis Presley Flaming Star Blu-ray

Hot on the heels of their Blu-ray release of Follow That Dream, Twilight Time is back with another Elvis Presley vehicle, 1960's Flaming Star. This spiffy new Blu-ray, which boasts an excellent transfer, is strictly limited to 3,000 copies. Director Don Siegel tackled this Western several years after gritty '50s classics like 'Riot in Cell Block 11' (1954) and 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' (1956), but this was more than a decade before his iconic 'Dirty Harry'. Make no mistake, this is no Elvis Presley musical lark; The King meant business with this one. He knocks out a novelty tune early on, presumably to satisfy those who simply couldn't bear the thought of a Presley movie without tunes, but otherwise he is here to act. Technical merits of this release are generally very good, and Flaming Star comes Recommended.
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Nancy Sinatra 'Elvis, frankly, was just an OK singer' NOT

A number of websites are reporting the story that Nancy Sinatra recently said that 'Elvis, frankly, was just an OK singer' ... 'Elvis was the King, but he was no Chairman of the Board' .... 'You're talking about the difference between stardom and talent', ... 'Elvis had talent and was a big star, but no one touches Frank and no one will in terms of musicianship and elegance and charitable work' ... Well Nancy did not say any of this. Elvis Australia's Scott Jenkins asked Nancy (Via her twitter account) and received the reply, read in full.
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Harmonic Convergence : The Beatles meet Elvis Presley

For almost as long as there’'s been rock 'n'’ roll, Los Angeles has been a city at the center of its history and mythology—, a town in which legends are made, burned, rebuilt, merchandised, forgotten. The city has had its fair share of native rock talent, and has been the adopted home of many more singular rockin'’ careers, but perhaps the greatest of L.A.'’s rock ’n’ roll tête-à-têtes occurred on a still summer night in 1965, high up in the rarefied climes of Bel Air. There, in a splendid home on Perugia Way, Elvis met the Beatles. Or more precisely, the Beatles met Elvis.
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'Hawaiian Beach Boy : The Expanded Blue Hawaii Album II' (Mono Edition) CD

Along with volume I (Stereo) also for release is 'Hawaiian Beach Boy : The Expanded Blue Hawaii Album II' (Monophonic Sound Edition). This is number 16 from the very popular 'The Bootleg Series' and contains 32 tracks, including masters and outtakes from the movie Blue Hawaii in mono, including the original mono album masters and includes is a 12 page booklet.

'Hawaiian Beach Boy : The Expanded Blue Hawaii Album Vol. I 2 CD set

The 15th release in the very popular 'The Bootleg Series' will be 'Hawaiian Beach Boy : The Expanded Blue Hawaii Album I' (stereophonic Sound Edition), a 2 CD set with 56 tracks, including masters and outtakes from the movie Blue Hawaii in stereo. Also the movie versions (never before released in this form on CD), the original orchestral music made for the movie (also previously unreleased), 2 songs from The Surfers (recorded for the movie) and 5 Bonus Tracks, and a 20 page booklet.

'This Is Elvis' FTD Expanded Edition, Classic Album Format 2 CD

FTD have released an extended soundtrack of the 'This Is Elvis' movie, and our order (is well) on the way to us, due to arrive 'any day now'. What accounted for his undeniable mystique? The answer is contained in a remarkable biography, written on film instead of the printed page - This Is Elvis - a David L. Wolper Production of an Andrew Solt/Malcolm Leo Film for Warner Bros. release. Written, directed and produced by Solt and Leo (best known for their television special Heroes OF Rock and Roll). The film follows innovations first introduced by producer Wolper, whose 650 films include the Emmy-winning Roots and the Oscar winning The Hellstrom Chronicle. With the unprecedented cooperation of those who best new Presley, the film combines rare, never-before-seen footage, privately owned kinescopes from TV's early years, remarkable outtakes from Presley's movies and accurate recreations of pivotal moments in his life.
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'Elvis Spring '77 : The Soundboard Recordings Vol.2' 2 CD Set

Announced for release on March 26 is 'Elvis Spring '77 : The Soundboard Recordings Vol.2', a double CD release containing the soundboard recordings from Toledo, OH. April 23, 1977 : Ann Arbor, MI. April 24, 1977 : Kalamazoo, MI. April 26, 1977 and Alexandria, LA. March 30, 1977. Also including 2 bonus tracks.

Jack White to Reissue Elvis Presley's First Acetate

It was recently revealed in a Billboard Magazine interview that rock 'n' roll musician Jack White purchased Elvis Presley's first acetate, considered the holy grail of rock 'n' roll, Auction January 8, 2015. White will release a reissue of the acetate, which features covers of 'My Happiness' and 'That's When Your Heartaches Begin', for Record Store Day on April 18 via his Nashville-based label, Third Man Records. The Record Store Day version will be a limited facsimile 10-inch 78 rpm disc, while later this year, Third Man will release a widely available 7-inch 45 rpm featuring newly restored versions of the two songs.
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Interview with Ginger Alden

Ginger Alden is of course known in the Elvis World as the woman who shared his last few months with him. Late in 2014, after years of keeping silent about their relationship, she released 'ELVIS AND GINGER: Elvis Presley's Fiancée and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story'. The book has been received warmly by fans and the general public, and went to No.1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. Here she speaks with Scott Jenkins about her life with Elvis, the book and more.

An Elvis fan wins ...

Gary Pepper, the former president of 'The Elvis Tankers', Elvis Presley fan club, a disabled man and personal friend of Presley's, gave his large Elvis memorabilia collection to his nurse and fellow Elvis fan, the 8th Circuit ruled, rejecting a challenge by the collector's family.
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Elvis: Summer of '56 Deluxe Memorabilia Collection Box Set

Elvis: Summer of '56 Deluxe Memorabilia Collection Box Set will be released in April. The set contains a 24-page book covering Elvis' life and carrer with 'extensive photoraphs', movie memorabilia from 1956, and a DVD with the earliest home-movie footage of Elvis at 21. With all this the set tells the story of the cultural and musical icon known as the King of Rock and Roll.
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Amazing Video : Two Year Old Dancing to Jailhouse Rock

A two year old boy, William Stokkebroe, has a hit YouTube Elvis Presley Video video with over 2 million views to-date as he dances to Elvis Presleys after watching his parents Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe [As we understand it, two danes who were world champions in latin dance in 2010] and other dancers practising.
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'Elvis : Guitar Man' & 'Elvis : I Was The One' 2 CD

'Elvis : Guitar Man' & 'Elvis : I Was The One', a 2 CD set will be released in the 'reproduction' series.

'Elvis Worldwide Gold Award Hits Vol.1 & 2' 4 CD Box Set

'Elvis Worldwide Gold Award Hits Vol.1 & 2' will be released in the 'reproduction' series. This 4 CD box with 2 double CD digipac's housed in a slipcase comes with bonus booklet, poster, and envelope.

Elvis' Jets for destined for a museum - or more games?

Two jets once belonging to Elvis Presley that have been displayed at Graceland for years could be destined for a museum, if the group that owns the planes has its way.
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Drone footage of Elvis Presley's Graceland in the Snow

Memphis experienced a rare snowstorm last night that allowed the E-crew of Elvis Presley Enterprises to get some amazing drone footage of Graceland decorated in the beautiful snowfall. The result is absolutely beyond words. How we wish that Elvis could have seen all that beauty in the Winter Wonderland clip.

'Elvis: The New Recordings' CD

'Elvis: The New Recordings' CD is unlike any other CD available! 'Elvis: The New Recordings' (an import), consists of 26 NEW overdubs (2015) of some of Mr. Presley's best tracks - both well known and obscure. Produced by Larry Jordan (who has done overdubs on stars ranging from Patsy Cline to Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Jim Reeves - the latter of whom had a #1 this past summer in Europe from one of Jordan's overdubs) - the new Elvis offering features stunning sound quality and top musicianship.
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Where were you and what were you doing when you heard Elvis died?

A new documentary, '816: The Day Elvis Died' will be released this August. Billy Stanley was the 'creative consultant' but looking at the format we can't see that this could impact on it negatively. The press release : 'On August 16th, 1977 the king of rock n roll, Elvis Presley, was found unconscious in his Memphis home; at 3:30pm he was pronounced dead leaving a legion of fans behind to mourn their fallen hero. We took our cameras to Memphis and over the course of 7 years we interviewed 100s of fans, performers, and friends of Elvis and asked them that all important question:  'Where were you and what were you doing when you heard Elvis had died'. View the trailer.
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Bing Crosby talks about Elvis Presley

Audio: Elvis Presley MP3 Audio Bing Crosby talks about Elvis Presley. Bing's comments are surprisingly perceptive: 'He's gonna be a very big star, I mean, in a lot of fields ... he sings in tune, and he's got good rhythm, he just hasn't developed enough voice just yet to handle the ballads but that'll come ...' An interesting audio document. Bing Crosby was surely an influence on Elvis, and he clearly understood Elvis Presley and his talent, way better than the idiot who was interviewing him. In fact, Elvis had great rhythm, he could sing, and with time he developed his voice and became an accomplished vocalist. Elvis received the Bing Crosby award in 1971 ...

Elvis, Marilyn and Icons 'Kissed By' the Coke Bottle

Billions of people have 'kissed' the Coca-Cola glass bottle over the last 100 years. Hopefully, you're one of them. And if so, you're in pretty good company.
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Elvis in TV Commercial for Samsung

Millions of American TV viewers  have watched a new tv spot for Samsung Elvis' 'Follow That Dream' during the Academy Awards. And although the music is clearly audible, there's a 'visual surprise' as well, thre is a picture of Elvis on the phone display at about one-minute:
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Riley Keough's 'beautiful, amazing' wedding pictures: exclusive

Elvis Presley's granddaughter, Riley Keough, married Australian stuntman Ben Smith-Peterson february 4.

Legendary Musician Bobby Emmons Dead at 72

Bobby Emmons, who accompanied Elvis Presley on some of his most iconic songs has passed away on Monday, February 23 in Nashville. He was 72. Emmons was a keyboardist and a songwriter who penned many chart-topping singles for artists such as Waylon Jennings, George Strait and Tanya Tucker.
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Bobby Emmons remembers Elvis Presley 1969 American Sound Studios

Bobby Emmons a member of The Memphis Boys, who worked with Elvis in 1969 on the sessions at American Studios. Bobby tells of playing with Elvis at American in 1969 and the first time he saw Elvis.
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Ken Berryhill : The Blackwood Brothers turned Elvis down

Video, Ken Berryhill met Elvis when he was producer and director of the Blackwood Brothers Show. Ken shares the story of how The Blackwood Brothers turned Elvis down when he wanted to join their quartet.
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