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Elvis Presley Interviews

Read all the latest interviews with friends and family about The King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley.

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Blue Hawaii co-star Darlene Tompkins talks about Elvis Presley

Darlene Tompkins met Elvis Presley in 1961 when she co-starred with him in Blue Hawaii. In this video, she talks about how down to earth Elvis was and his unique laugh.
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Interview With Jan Shepard (Elvis' co-star in King Creole)

Can you tell me how you met Elvis? When you're assigned a film role, you have to go to the doctor, because of the insurance company. They have to make sure you don't have a bad heart, any of that nonsense. They made my appointment for me at the studio, so I was there and I had on a white shirt and these slacks my mother had made for me that were like wine coloured. I went in the office and I was waiting to be called in. In walks Elvis with two of his buddies. I looked at him and he looked at me and we started to laugh. His jacket was the identical material and colour of my slacks. He looked at me and he said, 'Honey, I'm either going to have to give you my jacket or you're going to have to give me your pants' (laughing). Goodness ...
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Dixie Locke Emmons and Lorena Conrad (Dixie's best friend) Remember Elvis

We found these two videos were very interesting viewed back to back so we have combined them in to one for you. In this we have, Dixie Locke who met Elvis at church and was Elvis' girlfriend in the early stages of his career and Lorena Conrad who was best friends with Dixie Locke. Lorena met Elvis through Dixie when she was in high school. Lorena talks about turning Elvis down for a car ride when she was in high school and seeing Elvis at church.
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Kris Kristofferson : Elvis was my Hero

I have had the most incredible experience tonight talking with Kris Kristofferson following his concert at the Palais Theatre. After Kris autographed my copy of one of his recent CD releases, and at the very moment he was pulling away from the fans at the gate having delighted all that braved the cold and waited in hope of an autograph, I asked him, 'Kris, what do you think of Elvis Presley's recordings of your songs?'
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Mindy Campbell 'Aloha' flight attendant remembers Elvis 1973

Mindy Campbell was a flight attendant and was invited to attend the Aloha from Hawaii concert. Then, the next day, she was excited to find out that Elvis and his entourage would be passengers on their flight back to Los Angeles. We think you will agree this is a very interesting video and well worth 4 minutes of your time.
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Kurt Russell Recalls His Encounter With Elvis Presley

When Kurt Russell first started his career, he appeared in a number of television shows and supporting roles in a couple of movies. Not many people realize this, but when Kurt Russell was 10 years old, he was able to act alongside the King himself, Elvis Presley in 'It Happened at the World's Fair'. My curiosity on his encounter with Elvis got the better of me at 'The Art of the Steal' interview, proceeding to ask him a question remembering anything from his interaction with the legendary musician. When the topic of Elvis came up, he leaned up against the wall, a small twinkle gleamed in his eye as a smile spread across his face.
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Interview on 'Today', Richard Wilkins chats to Lisa Marie Presley

View an excellent interview as the 'Today Shows' Richard Wilkins chats to the King of Rock n’ Roll's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, about her upcoming, 'Storm & Grace', Australian tour.
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Lisa Marie Presley comes to Oz : The Morning Show : Interview

Lisa Marie Presley on the channel 7 Australia program, 'The Morning Show'.
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Jerry Lee Lewis, Arrested at the Gates of Graceland : Interview with Jerry Lee Lewis

On November 23, 1976 at Graceland, Memphis tennessee, Elvis' cousin Harold Loyd, the night guard at graceland, called the police complaining of a drunk, pisto wielding man blocking the gates at Elvis Presley's home in a brand new white lincoln continental. Police approached the car cautiously, when they got to the open driver's side window, they found that the man was Jerry Lee Lewis ...
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Jerry Lewis remembers Elvis Presley

'Yes, I knew Elvis Presley when we were both making movies at Paramount'. 'He made his presence quite well known at the studio'. 'Elvis was a really nice kid, one of the nicest people I have met in show business. When we were both at Paramount we had our own projects to work on, of course, so we didn't see each other a lot, but when we did it was always good. Elvis seemed very humble, and he had great respect for other actors'.
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Video Interview with Sam Bell : From a tree house, to using a 'broom' guitar and racism

Sam Bell grew up with Elvis in Tupelo and in this video interview shares some of his favorite memories of his childhood friend Elvis. Much is covered in this interesting 3 and a half minute video; from a tree house, to church, using a broom as a make believe guitar, Shakrag, Elvis' musical ability and that old chestnut; racism.
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Interview with Lisa Marie Presley + Watch Lisa perform ...

In a recent interview with The Weekender, Presley talked about 'Storm & Grace', its accompanying tour, and some of her other recent musical endeavors in her native hometown of Memphis, where she not only recorded at the legendary Sun Studios, but also performed live on the same stage where a young and upcoming artist named Elvis Presley performed in 1954. She also recently did a home recording, so to speak. But in her case, 'home' just happened to be the Jungle Room in a place called Graceland.
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Interview Cynthia Pepper

Interview with Cynthia Pepper, PFC Midge Riley in Kissin' Cousins, an Army stenographer assigned to accompany a lieutenant (Elvis) to the hills of East Tennessee to negotiate the sale of land to build a missile base. There, they encountered angry property owners, including the lieutenant's cousin, (Elvis)!
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Raquel Welch talks Elvis, Sex, and Heartbreak Hotel

Raquel Welch : I first saw Elvis Presley in concert in 1956, when I was 15 years old. He played the San Diego Arena in the spring, and my family lived in nearby La Jolla.Heartbreak Hotel was already a radio hit, and I couldn't get enough of it. Hearing that song was a real turning point for me as a teenager. When I saw him in action, he was mesmerizing. I screamed myself silly ... 'This must be what sex is all about' ... How a 'smoldering' 1956 performance by Elvis hypnotized a budding sex symbol ...
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Lisa Marie Presley Talks About Growing Up at Graceland on CBS's 'The Talk'

Lisa Marie was on CBS's 'The Talk' on September 13, 2013. Lisa Marie talks about spending time with her father at Graceland and what it was like to grow up at the now famous Graceland.
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Interview with Charlie Hodge

Charlie Hodge .... I said, 'Hello, Is Elvis there? This is Charlie Hodge'. And Lamar said, 'Charlie Hodge?' And I heard Elvis yell, 'Yeah, Charlie, come on up'. And so, that's how we got together after we got to Germany.
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Ann-Margret talks about Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Video Interview with Ann-Margret.
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Martin Sheen talks about Elvis Presley

From the Loving You DVD, Martin Sheen talks about how much Elvis meant to him, why Elvis was king. Sheen shows he is a well informed Elvis fan, and music/film lover. Martin is a big fan and tells of his love for Elvis and seeing 'Love Me Tender' about 20 times in the 50's. A great inclusion to an otherwise delightful DVD.
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Interview with Lisa Marie Presley

Your four-year-old twin girls are absolutely adorable. How is your life now having little ones by your side given that you have to manage this busy tour schedule?
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Norbert Putnam remembers recording with Elvis at Stax

Elvis : 'You can put that one out after I've been dead 20 years!' ...
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Tom Jones Remembers Elvis Presley

Somehow, I scraped together enough money to buy every new Presley release so that I could play them in the privacy of my bedroom - all the better to study his unique singing style.
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Arthritis silences notes, but Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley's first guitarist as sharp as ever

Arthritis has invaded the hands of the man 'Rolling Stone' magazine rated 29th in its 2011 list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time, ahead of legends such as Mark Knopfler, Joe Walsh, Muddy Waters, Slash, Dickey Betts, Bonnie Raitt, Carl Perkins, Roger McGuinn and Paul Simon.
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Angela Lansbury talks about Elvis Presley and Blue Hawaii

Angela Lansbury talks about Elvis Presley and Blue Hawaii.
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Video : Paul McCartney talks about Elvis Presley backstage in Memphis

Here we have a video of Paul McCartney backstage during his recent concert in Memphis talking about seeing Elvis on the big screen for the first time ['Love Me Tender'] and he even breaks out his own Elvis moves and sings a few lines of We're Gonna Move, all impromptu and amazingly similar to the full studio audio outtake we brought to you recently in our Elvis Presley MP3 Audio'Paul McCartney visits Graceland' news article. This again shows Paul's love of Elvis, the influence Elvis had on him, and his amazing knowledge of even Elvis lesser known songs.
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Interview with Sandi Pichon : February, 2013

WMHS TV-13 from Murray High School interviews Sandi Pichon at Marlowe's Restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee. Sandi met Elvis Presley on several occasions and student Aileen O'Brien talks with Sandi about her experiences. In 1956, Sandi Pichon was a bored 11-year-old girl sweating out summer living in Memphis, Tenn., when she got the idea to knock on rising star Elvis Presley's back door. Such was the beginning of her years-long friendship with one of the most famous entertainers of all time. Don't miss viewing this!
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Peter Guralnick Interviewed by Conan O'Brien

Elvis Presley Video Peter Guralnick Interviewed by Conan O'Brien. And it's all about Elvis! (71 min : 53).
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Elvis Presley and Sammy Davis Jr

While it is well known that Elvis Presley and Sammy Davis Jr. were good friends, first meeting in the 1950s, maintaining a friendship through the years, now, we have a fantastic photo via a news paper clipping from Jet magazine, February 27, 1958 showing Sammy in full swing imitating Elvis, and what's more, the clipping tells us that Elvis was sitting in the front row, roaring with laughter. Imitations were a big part of Sammy's shows and Elvis was not left out in this regard, with Sammy singing Hound Dog in concert.
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Millie Kirkham Remembers her first Recording Session with Elvis Presley

Did you know Elvis did not want to record 'Blue Christmas'? Elvis told the band to play and sing as badly as possible. Millie Kirkham tells the story as she remembers her first Recording Session with Elvis Presley.
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Interview with Bill Medley

First time I had any contact with Elvis I was in the hospital and Elvis sent me a telegram ... I had written and recorded this song called Old Friend and in the song it says, 'Would you be here if I could have been there?' in the song and that really means that at one point I think it was the second time maybe he went into the hospital or something I wanted to come to Memphis and talk to Elvis as a friend, you know, didn't want a Cadillac, didn't need anything, didn't want anything, just loved him.
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Interview with Teri Garr

Interview with Teri Garr who started out as a background dancer in uncredited roles for youth-oriented films and TV shows like 'Pajama Party', a beach party film, the 'T.A.M.I. Show', 'Shindig!', 'Hullabaloo', 'Movin' with Nancy' (a Nancy Sinatra / Frank Sinatra Special), and nine Elvis Presley movies ...
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Interview with Shelley Fabares

Here we have a video interview with stunning Shelley Fabares, who starred with Elvis Presley in the 1965 movie 'Girl Happy', was one of three leading ladies in 'Spinout' [1966]. Adding to her lineup of movies with Elvis, the following year she starred in 'Clambake', [1967] her third starring role alongside the King. 'I loved doing those pictures', said Fabares. 'It's a happy memory for me, they were great fun'.
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Mary Tyler Moore talks about Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley MP3 Audio Mary Tyler Moore talks about Elvis Presley.
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Joe Moscheo Remembers Elvis Presley

Joe Moscheo remembers Elvis in this 17:34 minute video clip.
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Neil Diamond talks about Elvis Presley

Neil Diamond : 'Elvis Presley used to live next door and I remember how his little girl and my son would talk to each other through the link fence.
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Gordon Stoker talks about Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley Video Gordon Stoker talks about Elvis Presley (02:37) In this video interview Gordon Stoker - a member of The Jordanaires, shares his memories of when they first met Elvis and recording in the studio with him.
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Elvis Presley Talks About Cars, Kids, Love & Loneliness

At just 21, Elvis is not yet the most famous person on the planet, but he soon will be. He is sweet, innocent and soft-spoken, but already feels his destiny approaching - his fate to conquer the world with his music and find the girl who can take away his loneliness. Elvis Presley's life changed forever in 1956.
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Bob Neal : Managing The Hillbilly Cat

Rockville International interviewed Bob Neal, one of Elvis Presley's first managers, in the offices of his Bob Neal Talent & Booking Agency in Music City USA. Welcomed at the reception by Bob's lovely wife and after some small talk about Holland, wooden shoes and tulips she introduced us to her husband who, after a firm handshake, offered us a seat and invited us to get the questions rolling.
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Devil In Disguise : Late nights in the pub with daughter Lisa Marie, her crazy life with Elvis and why, at 67, she's making her stage debut in a British panto : Priscilla Presley reveals all ...

Taking on the role of the Wicked Queen in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Priscilla Presley proved to be a natural under the spotlight. Starring alongside Jarred Christmas and Warwick Davis she appeared to be in her element while taking in the boos and hisses from the crowd, looking positively evil in her costume, which she described as 'sensational' on the opening night of the show. Wearing a bejeweled horned headpiece with a floor length gown which braved a thigh high split, the actress commanded the audience's attention.
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Interview with Elvis Presley : The February 1970 Houston Astrodome Press Conference

The Houston Astrodome was chosen by Colonel Parker to be the first venue for Elvis to perform outside Las Vegas. After the concluding show Elvis held a press conference for about 100 journalists at Astroworld.
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Elvis Fan, Don Lance, tells how he managed to film Elvis at Madison Square Garden

Don Lance, a fan, filmed the afternoon performance on the new 'Prince From Another Planet: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' set's DVD. 'A well-connected friend got a bunch of us tickets in the fourth row, center', said Mr. Lance, who was 24 at the time. 'My girlfriend snuck my camera into the Garden in her shoulder bag along with six rolls of film ...  'I only had six rolls of film and each roll lasted a bit over 3 minutes ...'
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Lisa Marie Presley talks about Elvis and his chart history

Elvis Presley Video Lisa Marie Presley talks about her father's legacy as the the most successful solo artist in UK chart history in a recent video with British website OfficialCharts.com. 'I think he would be surprised by his lasting legacy', explained Lisa Marie. 'I'm sure he'd be absolutely moved, surprised, shocked, flattered and honored'.
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Interview with Steve Wynn

Interview with Steve Wynn, bother of Kenny who we recently featured an interview with.
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Ian Gillan of Deep Purple talks about the 'Young Elvis'

While he has said it before this bears repeating, from a recent interview with Ian Gillan of group Deep Purple when asked, 'how do you define a rock singer? Who in your opinion is the greatest?' His reply -- 'It’s all very different; I don’t think it’s a science but if you were ask me who had the greatest voice in rock music of all time I would have to say a young Elvis Presley, without a doubt. He was the Pavarotti of rock music'.
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Dallas girl reveals story behind the Elvis photo

Margaret Ann Hollis was 5 years old when she kissed a king. She was wearing patent leather shoes and a crisp white dress covering layers of petticoats. Silk flowers adorned her tightly curled hair - done up just for the chance to see Elvis Presley as he passed through Dallas on April 19, 1960. On the back of a train car, Presley took her into his arms, and she planted a kiss on his cheek. A Dallas Morning News photographer captured the moment ... and then it was all but forgotten .. until now ...
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Interview with Ernst Jorgensen by Hans Altbark (Sweden)

Interview with Ernst Jorgensen by Swedish journalist Hans Altbark.
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Interview : Lisa Marie Presley Sees Her Father's Spirit in Her Kids

Interview with Lisa Marie Presley by CMT. Lisa Marie Presley turned her new music video 'I Love You Because' into a family affair. Elvis Presley fans will cherish hearing her sing with her late father and seeing home movie footage of the King, as well as his grandchildren. 'Every five years, I try to do something special for the fans as a tribute', she said. 'I thought, 'OK, I really want to focus on the fact that I think his spirit lives in his grandchildren -- very much'. I thought it would be special for the fans to see that -- to focus the attention on that -- which made it intimate and sweet, because the song is like that. It felt really right'.
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Interview : Q and A with Ernst Jorgensen about Prince From Another Planet

The following brief interview Q and A between Elvis Australia's David Troedson and Ernst Jorgensen answers some important questions about the upcoming A Prince From Another Planet' release.
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Interview with Kenny Wynn : Colonel Tom Parker's assistant

Interview with Kenny Wynn, Colonel Tom Parker's assistant. Kenny had an insider's view of the Presley empire back in the 1970s when 'The King' was selling out hundreds of performances at the Las Vegas Hilton. Wynn was in charge of the sale of Elvis Presley memorabilia and even traveled with Elvis Presley on tour.
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Interview with Wanda Jackson

Interview with Wanda Jackson the first lady of Rockabilly.
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Interview with Anita Wood

Interview with with Anita Wood, Elvis' girlfriend during the whirwind late 50's. Anita talks about meeting Elvis, dating, Elvis being drafted and his mothers reaction, Hollywood, Elvis Presley Jr, Natalie Wood and more.
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