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Review : I'll Remember You FTD CD

This concert has been a pleasure to repeat listen too. Thus I must recommend I'll Remember You, not really for any content (as it's the same as Aloha From Hawaii) with 'Until its Time' swapped from 'Burning Love' and it is an extremely short show too, but for the sound quality clear throughout!

Review : Nevada Nights FTD 2 CD Concert Set : August 19 & 21, 1974

Nevada Nights is an excellent FTD double delight and a chance for fans to obtain these shows in the best sound. The sound features Elvis sort of somewhat up close, up front sort of between Fort Baxter and the DAE sound - listenable and warm to the ear ... A great release!. This review, originally published in 2008, we present to you again as it contains many unique songs along with dialogue from Elvis, making it an essential part of any fans collection ... This first CD features the famous opening night : August 19, 1974, where Elvis departed from the conventional opening - not starting with Also Sprach Zarathustra or See See Rider - instead opening with Big Boss Man - and including many songs he had not performed live before.

Review: A Minnesota Moment FTD CD by Geoffrey Mc Donnell

Review of A Minnesota Moment FTD CD by Geoffrey Mc Donnell.

Review - Rockin' Across Texas 2 CD Set by Geoffrey Mc Donnell

Review of both concerts in the Rockin' Across Texas 2 CD Set from FTD.

Review - Elvis: New Haven '76 FTD CD by Geoffrey Mc Donnell

The 'bonus' track is THE performance highlight from his Hampton Roads show two days later (by which time he had the Flu!) thankfully it's a reasonably performed 'request' for the 'Return To Sender' fan Club and I'm sure they must have been delighted. I recommend this CD because the performance is just passable from a dreadful tour and the sound balance is impressive in its clarity - far easier on the ears than listening to FTD America. I'll certainly be playing this New Haven '76 CD a few times before I stack it away on the shelf.

Elvis Presley: Gladiators -- A DVD review by Geoffrey Mc Donnell

This is the long awaited DVD officially released by Elvis Presley Enterprises. After watching this I found it 'worthwhile' and in understanding Elvis an essential purchase, especially when you understand the man studied several styles for two decades and took it VERY seriously from 1960-1974.

Review - America FTD CD - Elvis in Omaha 1976

With America, this time Ernst is giving us a representation on soundboard of Elvis' second 1976 tour, the real bonus being that neither of these 2 shows have ever been released before.

Review - Viva Las Vegas 2 CD set

Praise high enough cannot be said about the sound on this Viva Las Vegas 2 CD set, although we've had previous 1969 shows released, here we get a whole new sound and show that is simply the best sounding release to date. Play it again and play it soon. A 1969 lshow has never sounded so dynamic.

Review : Raised On Rock FTD CD

I'd have to rate this Raised On Rock 2 CD FTD package as 10/10 and the artwork matches the original release with some additional interesting items. For the 1973 Studio sessions this represents an essential purchase and does for these sessions what the FTD Jungle Room Sessions did for 1976.

Review : An American Trilogy FTD CD

Review of An American Trilogy FTD CD by Geoffrey Mc Donnell (Australia)

Review - Elvis Live in L.A. FTD Book + 2 CDs

Elvis Live in L.A. is a combined book and CD release mostly based around Elvis' Los Angeles 11th May 1974 performances, particularly the evening show. The photos come from the Sherif Hannah collection and the soundboard contains most of Elvis' 11th May 1974 evening show + 'You Can Have Her' a rare performance.

Review : Unchained Melody FTD CD

Unchained Melody presents us with Elvis' concert tour February 1977 ... it's a good CD similar to Spring Tours, but it most certainly does represent Elvis during this tour and well worth having in your collection.

Review - I Found My Thrill FTD CD

I Found My Thrill represents the first official representation of Elvis' Winter Jan/Feb 1974 Las Vegas season. Here we find Elvis fresh and with a new repertoire, which surprisingly includes two 1970 standards Sweet Caroline and You've Lost That Loving Feeling as well as Polk Salad Annie. Well before this CD ever came out fans were asking Ernst for this CD and Ernst has included as much as possible from this season.

Review - Southern Nights FTD CD

This release and represents the first two tours of 1975, with more rarely performed songs recorded on 'soundboard' compiled for this release. Elvis' voice is clear/strong throughout and virtually NO throwaway performances. I found that by including the dialogue and one-liners, they really represent 30 tracks on this CD. 8/10  and very a worthwhile purchase.

Review - Summer Festival

Even though it is vaguely titled Summer Festival, FTD's latest release highlights soundboard material from Elvis' seventh Las Vegas season (August 4 - September 4). The complete and unreleased dinner show from August 11 is featured here, alongside seven bonus tracks from two other shows.

Review - All Shook Up FTD CD

Of the 3 complete concerts from this 1969 Vegas season, the sound + concert on All Shook Up HAS to be the best so far! This is one concert that truly captures Elvis' magic and is thoroughly recommended!

Review : Big Boss Man FTD CD

Big Boss Man represents Elvis' 18th March - 1st April 1975 Las Vegas season. What we get is a full CD with parts of 3 shows from that season, giving us some rarely performed songs.

Review: Rockin' Across Texas Book & CD

Released by the Follow That Dream label is an extended reprint of the book 'Elvis in Texas' under the title 'Elvis Presley Rockin' across Texas'. This book comes in a bigger format than its original, has a hard cover, more pages and a better quality of paper and perfectly matches the theme; Elvis, Scotty Moore, Bill Black and DJ Fontana live on stage in Texas. That's exactly what the book is all about.

Review : A Cold Night in Nashville CD

The more I listen to 'A Cold Night in Nashville' the more I can almost hear Elvis doing these songs. This is such a shame and sad than none were recorded by Elvis. Whether publishing or what exactly upset Elvis, it's worse to read of an eye witness account in Joe's Sessions 3 book where Elvis attended the studio via the back door, then after knocking a Pizza box off a speaker left immediately in disgust. Get this CD Free - Here.

Review : Sessions III Book

The long awaited Elvis Sessions III has finally arrived, about 2 years later than expected. It is around 632 pages (Joe recently said 656 pages!) and of telephone directory thickness, but well worth the wait.

Review : Polk Salad Annie FTD CD

Polk Salad Annie is the third CD from the professionally recorded February 15th M/S to 19th D/S recordings.

Review : Elvis As Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis FTD CD

I remember as a young fan first hearing this show around 1984, now some 20 years later and 30 years after the actual show took place we get to hear the almost complete 70 minute show (well 69 minutes!) Still on one CD release that's almost twice the running time of the LP version!